10 Stylish Holi Outfit Ideas for Men

by Udaipore Organic Clothing on March 16, 2024

Holi is a vibrant and joyous festival celebrated in India with immense enthusiasm. It marks the arrival of spring and the victory of good over evil. One of the most exciting aspects of Holi is the tradition of playing with colors, where people smear each other with colorful powders and water. Alongside the colorful festivities, Holi also presents an opportunity for people to showcase their style and fashion sense with festive outfits. Let's explore some creative and stylish Holi outfit ideas for men, ranging from traditional to contemporary choices, including traditional Holi dresses for men and colorful Holi party outfits, such as vibrant Sanganeri shirts and hand-block print shirts. Let's dive into the colorful world of Holi fashion for men!

1.Comfortable White Kurta-Pajama

Consider the classic white kurta-pajama ensemble for a timeless and comfortable Holi festive outfit. This traditional festive outfit is perfect for Holi festivities, offering both style and ease of movement. The kurta, typically made of cotton fabric, provides excellent breathability, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day. Paired with loose-fitting pajama bottoms, this outfit allows unrestricted movement, making it ideal for playing with colors and participating in various Holi activities. The simplicity of the white kurta-pajama also serves as a blank canvas, allowing you to accessorize with colorful scarves or traditional jewelry to add a festive touch to your look.

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2.Vibrant Kurta with Denim Jeans

Consider pairing a vibrant kurta with denim jeans for a more contemporary yet traditional Holi outfit. This combination effortlessly blends the elegance of a traditional Indian festive outfit with the casual appeal of denim, creating a stylish and versatile ensemble. Opt for a kurta in bright, eye-catching colors or intricate patterns to embrace the festive spirit of Holi. Pair it with your favorite denim jeans for a modern twist, ensuring comfort and style. This outfit is perfect for Holi celebrations and casual wear, allowing you to transition seamlessly from festivities to everyday activities. Whether attending a Holi party or enjoying the festivities with friends and family, a vibrant kurta with denim jeans is sure to make a fashionable statement.

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3.Colorful T-shirt and Shorts Combo

Regarding Holi outfit ideas for men, comfort is key, and a colorful t-shirt paired with comfortable shorts is a fantastic choice for a relaxed yet stylish look. Opt for a vibrant colored t-shirt that reflects Holi's festive spirit, whether in bold hues like red, yellow, or green or adorned with playful prints and patterns. Pair it with comfortable shorts made from lightweight and breathable fabric to ensure easy movement and practicality for playing with colors. This outfit keeps you cool and relaxed throughout the day and allows you to enjoy the festivities without any restrictions fully. Whether you're dancing to the rhythm of traditional Holi songs or engaging in colorful water fights, a colorful t-shirt and shorts combo is the perfect choice for a laid-back Holi celebration.

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4.Ethnic Kurta with Nehru Jacket

For those who prefer a more refined and sophisticated Holi outfit, consider pairing a traditional kurta with a Nehru jacket for an elegant ensemble that exudes timeless charm. The combination of a well-fitted kurta and a Nehru jacket adds a touch of class and sophistication to your Holi look, making it suitable for both festive gatherings and formal occasions. Opt for an ethnic kurta in rich colors and intricate designs, such as embroidery or embellishments, to capture the essence of a traditional Indian festive outfit. Layer it with a Nehru jacket with a Mandarin collar and a button-up front for a polished finish that elevates your Holi outfit to new heights. The Nehru jacket adds an element of sophistication and provides an extra layer of warmth and protection during outdoor celebrations. Whether attending a Holi party or hosting a gathering at home, an ethnic kurta with a Nehru jacket is sure to make a refined and stylish statement.

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5.Pastel Kurta with Chinos

For a subtle yet stylish Holi outfit, consider opting for a pastel-colored kurta paired with chinos. Pastel hues, such as soft pinks, light blues, and muted greens, exude a serene and understated charm that is perfect for the festive occasion of Holi. A pastel kurta adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble while maintaining a relaxed and comfortable vibe. Pair it with chinos in a complementary shade to create a cohesive, elegant, modern look. Chinos offer a tailored fit and refined appearance, making them an excellent choice for Holi celebrations where you want to look put-together without sacrificing comfort. Whether attending a Holi party or spending time with loved ones, a pastel kurta with chinos is sure to make a lasting impression with its understated elegance.

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6.Funky Sanganeri Print Shirt with Shorts

For a playful and vibrant Holi outfit, why not go for a quirky Sanganeri print shirt or hand-block print shirt paired with shorts? Sanganeri prints and handblock prints are traditional Indian textile techniques known for their intricate designs and vibrant colors, making them perfect for the festive spirit of Holi. Choose a Jaipuri shirt featuring bold and eye-catching hand-block prints in bright hues to capture the lively essence of the festival. Pair it with comfortable shorts in a solid color to balance out the vibrant patterns and create a cohesive look. This outfit choice adds a fun and playful element to your Holi festive outfit and allows you to express your individual style and personality. Whether dancing to the beat of Holi music or splashing colors with friends, a funky Sanganeri print shirt with shorts is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and spread joy during the festivities.

Sanganeri Print Shirt with Shorts
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7.Classic White Shirt with Colorful Scarf

When it comes to Holi outfit ideas for men, a classic white shirt paired with a colorful scarf embodies timeless elegance and sophistication. The simplicity of a white shirt provides a clean and polished canvas, allowing the vibrant hues of a colorful scarf to take center stage. Whether it's a bright red, royal blue, or sunny yellow, a colorful scarf adds a pop of color and personality to your ensemble, perfect for the festive spirit of Holi. This combination of a white shirt and colorful scarf offers versatility for various occasions beyond Holi celebrations. It can effortlessly transition from formal gatherings to casual outings, making it a wardrobe staple for any man. The white shirt exudes a sense of refinement and sophistication, while the colorful scarf injects a playful and lively element into your festive outfit. Whether attending a Holi party or simply enjoying the day with friends and family, this classic pairing will make a stylish statement while keeping you comfortable and chic.

8.Traditional Dhoti with Kurta

For those who appreciate the cultural heritage of Indian outfits, wearing a dhoti with a kurta is a timeless choice for a classic Holi look. The traditional appeal of this ensemble lies in its authenticity and connection to Indian culture. The dhoti, a garment consisting of a long piece of cloth wrapped around the legs and tied at the waist, symbolizes tradition and reverence. Paired with a kurta, a long tunic-style shirt, this outfit is graceful. The kurta can feature intricate embroidery, embellishments, or patterns, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Together, the dhoti and kurta create a traditional and sophisticated look, perfect for honoring the spirit of Holi. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, wearing a dhoti with a kurta holds deep cultural significance. It pays homage to India's rich heritage and traditions, making it a meaningful choice for celebrating festivals like Holi.

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9.Bohemian Kurta with Distressed Jeans

Consider pairing a bohemian-style kurta with distressed jeans for a trendy and unconventional Holi outfit. This combination offers a unique blend of traditional and contemporary elements, making it a standout choice for the festive occasion. The bohemian kurta typically features loose silhouettes, intricate patterns, and ethnic embellishments, adding an artistic flair to your ensemble. The bohemian kurta creates a striking contrast that captures attention when paired with distressed jeans, characterized by their worn-in look and frayed edges. This outfit allows you to express your personal style and creativity, whether it's through bold patterns, unique accessories, or eclectic layering.

Bohemian Kurta with Distressed JeansSource - Pinterest

10.Sporty Polo Shirt with Track Pants

For a sporty and comfortable Holi outfit, consider wearing a sporty polo shirt paired with comfortable track pants. This ensemble offers a perfect blend of style and functionality, making it ideal for engaging in the energetic festivities of Holi. The sporty polo shirt, with its collared design and buttoned placket, adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit while maintaining a casual and relaxed vibe. Opt for polo shirts in vibrant colors or with fun patterns to embrace the festive spirit of Holi. The moisture-wicking fabric of polo shirts also ensures that you stay cool and dry even in the excitement of Holi celebrations. Pair your polo shirt with comfortable track pants, which are designed with stretchy and breathable materials that provide ease of movement. Track pants offer the flexibility and freedom to participate in various activities, whether it's dancing to the beat of Holi music, playing with colors, or engaging in friendly sports competitions.

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Perfect Holi Outfit Ideas for Men

There is a diverse range of Holi outfit ideas for men, catering to different styles and preferences. From traditional ethnic wear to contemporary ensembles, there is something for everyone to celebrate the spirit of Holi in style. Whether you prefer classic white kurtas, vibrantly printed shirts, or bohemian-inspired outfits, the options for holiday party outfits are endless.

As we celebrate the festival of colors, let us embrace the festive spirit and express our personality through our Holi outfits for men. Whether you are dancing to the rhythm of traditional music, indulging in colorful festivities, or simply enjoying the company of loved ones, let your Holi party outfit reflect the joy and vibrancy of the occasion. Happy Holi!


1. What to wear for a Holi party?

For a Holi party, it's best to wear clothes that you don't mind getting colorful. Opt for comfortable and casual outfits such as cotton t-shirts, kurta-pajamas, or shorts paired with shirts. Consider wearing light-colored clothes that can easily show off the vibrant colors of the festival.

2. Which dress is best for Holi?

The best dress for Holi is one that allows you to move freely and comfortably while also embracing the festive spirit. Traditional Indian attire like a white kurta-pajama or a colorful kurta with denim jeans is a popular choice. You can also opt for casual outfits like t-shirts and shorts.

3. Can I wear jeans on Holi?

You can wear jeans on Holi if you prefer a more casual and modern look. However, keep in mind that jeans may become stained with Holi colors, so it's advisable to wear older or less expensive pairs that you don't mind getting colorful.

4. Which color is worn in Holi?

During Holi, people wear a variety of colors to celebrate the festival's spirit of joy and vibrancy. While there isn't a specific color that must be worn, traditional Holi attire often includes bright and vivid hues such as red, yellow, green, and blue.

5. What do men wear to puja?

For puja or religious ceremonies during Holi, men typically wear traditional Indian attire such as a kurta-pajama or dhoti-kurta. These outfits symbolize respect and reverence for the occasion.